Time for visitors



What at better way to spend a rainy day than visiting with puppies. Or heck, even a sunny day!  The puppies are open for business now. Please contact me if you would like to drop in to see them. They are becoming more interactive every day.

Kid puppies

The Kid puppies are doing fabulous. They are up and around – see video on Instagram and becoming much more aware of what is going on. Soon enough they will have a potty box added to their house too. imageimage

Potty box time

The Disney puppies are almost three weeks old now so it was time to change up their living arrangements and add a potty box. So far we have mixed reviews. Well, ok, they aren’t happy!  They have a sleeping area and a potty area. I’ve blocked other space off with boxes. When they get the idea of partying where they are suppose to, their play area will expand.


It was poor planning on my part. Their Pooh Bear is in the wash. Things may have been better with him but they needed everything sparkly clean to begin this part of their adventure.

Individual Photos

Today I tackled a photo shoot with both litters.  Not the easiest thing at 15 days (Disney) and 10 days (Kid), but I think the photos turned out cute.The Disney puppies all have their eyes open and a few of Kid’s are just starting.They are all adorable!

Disney: DisneyCollage

Kid: Kid Collage

The Disney puppies got a new bed, I think they like it 🙂New Bed

Mike Wazowski

And Sully is thinking about making a break for it: Sully breaking out

Puppies, puppies. Puppies.



This afternoon I thought I would sit on the floor and cuddle with Disney’s puppies  Disney had other ideas!  She was willing to share the cuddles tho so when they were finished with their snack they each had a turn.


Last evening the Kid puppies lined themselves up at the bar. Look at this bellies!  Everyone is growing great. In order in the photo are Frosty. Bob. Alan. Billy. Neil. Cher. Tammy. Sammy. Tammy and Sammy were born one after the other, just a few minutes apart and are often seen together. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if there is some other draw to each other.

Disney’s litter continues with their Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Kid’s litter will start today. In addition to ENS, I also introduce a novel scent to the puppies each day. This is based on the Avidog Research that has been done while raising their Golden Retrievers. Here’s an article and link to more information:

Avidog Baby Noses